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About LATA Agri Export

LATA is supplying different varieties of Ethiopian coffee to the foreign market. The major purpose of our organization is to actively involve in a business where coffee producers can rely on fair market prices, constant demand and buyers and the end consumer can be satisfied by outstanding products at a competitive price.

Our company is well known for its credit worthiness and the smooth relation that it has with up channel partners, financial institutions and customers. We also have a very wide customer base on both the import and export activities who depend on our products and services.

Our continuous interaction to collect feedback, provision of quality products and our timely delivery is the basis for having a very wide and satisfied customer base.

Our washed Sidamo Coffee which comes from farmers in Habeja & Dobe Kebelles of Aleta Wendo is also a new venture for Lata. Sito river divides our washing station in to two. Habeja and Dobe kebeles are also divided by sito river. That is why we named the coffee that comes from this washing station as washed Sito sidamo coffee.

The number of farmers in the area are 1,150 who supply our washing station the great coffee cherries that they produce each year. Each farmer owns 0.2 up to 2 hectares of land on average and grows coffee as a cash crop. We see farmers as equal partners.


To help the world experience the unique flavor profiles of Ethiopian coffee while maintaining sustainable sourcing methods.


To be the benchmark supplier of Ethiopian Specialty Grade Coffee.

Core Values

Integrity, Transparency, Timely Delivery and Professional Service.

Advantages of working with LATA

  • Experienced and knowledgeable management staff
  • Focused on delivering quality over quantity
  • Exports to major destinations such as USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Middle East.
  • Committed to the sustainable procurement of green coffee beans.

Major Assets

Coffee Cleaning Facility

  • State of the art coffee cleaning facility with a capacity of 6 tones per hour.
  • Storage space for 15,000 bags.
  • 100% pollution control
  • Onsite coffee lab

Coffee washing station

  • Owns and operates coffee washing station in Aleta Wendo, Sidama region
  • Empowering local farmers in improving their yields
  • 100% traceability

Corporate social responsibility

  • Cancer Society of Ethiopia
  • NIA Foundation (Joy center for children with autism and related development disorders)
  • The children Heart Fund of Ethiopia (CHFE)
  • Addis Ababa University – School of Neurology


We have been awarded membership of the following Institutions/Associations.

Ethiopian Commodity Exchange/ECX/-Intermediary full seat member

Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association/ECEA/

Speciality Coffee Association of America/SCAA/

Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce

American Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia/AMCHAM/

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