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Committed to our motto, “best quality and cost effective service”, we always work to exceed the customer’s expectations to fulfill their requirements. In this regard, we are committed to export premium quality products as per the customer’s specifications and time of need.In Ethiopia all stakeholders in the coffee value chain are constantly working to supply quality coffee. Down at the farmers level, the government is working to educate farmers engaged in coffee production to produce quality coffee during planting, harvesting and processing through its extension workers. Farmers handover their coffee production to the representative offices of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) in their area .

ECX receives, checks quality and assigns grade to the coffee. After we acquire the coffee from ECX, we check the quality of arrival coffee and then it will be cleaned and hand picked as per the customers order. Its quality will also be checked in our laboratory after the coffee is cleaned and hand picked. Finally the coffee is again checked and quality certificate is issued by the national coffee laboratory for maintaining the Ethiopian Coffee export standard before it is shipped to the customer.We have highly skilled and dependable employees who can deliver the export business efficiently and in a manner which can suit the overseas buyer. All products that we deal in conform to both domestic as well as international food standards. We stand by our motto because we have learned from experience that it is a rewarding principle.

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