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Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee and every coffee drinker should try the original. Legend traces back the discovery of coffee to the 3rd century. The different varieties of Ethiopian coffee are considered as a gift to the world.We have two major classifications i.e., washed and unwashed coffee types.

The washed coffee types which are wet processed are Limmu, Tepi, Bebeka, Yirgachefe and Sidamo coffee. The new crop season for the washed coffee types starts in the month of October/November. The unwashed or sundried or natural coffee types are Jimma, Lekempt (Ghimbi), Sidamo (has both washed and unwashed varieties) and Harrar coffee. The new crop season for the unwashed coffee types starts in the month of January/February.

High land coffee varieties

Coffee which grow at an elevation of 1400 meters above sea level.

Limu Coffee

A wet processed coffee, deeply dimensioned nuttoned aroma; well balanced of good acidity and body; good fine quality, winey spicy flavor is the attraction in this coffee.

Jimma Coffee

A natural sun dried coffee; fair light medium acidity, good heavy body, fair average quality; hard balanced cup flavour. A coffee with tastes that have a hint of nuttoned aroma and pleasant after taste is the attraction in this coffee.

Lekempt (Ghimbi) Coffee

This coffee has good acidity, medium body and pleasant body and pleasant fruity flavor. A gourmet grade coffee that brings strength laced with flavor.

Yirgachefe Coffee

This coffee has unique flavor; medium to pointed body, well balanced cup of Mocha. It is also flowery and spicy in the aroma.

Sidamo Coffee

his coffee has two varieties i.e, natural (sun-dried) and Washed Coffee types. Its distinct inherent quality of balanced acidity and body of good quality is the uniqueness of Sidamo coffee.

Harrar Coffee

This is a long berry, medium acidity, full body, round cup having typical Mocha flavor of good quality cup coffee. The world leading premium coffee is Harrar Coffee. A hearty but exotic coffee, with smoky, resiny tones turns the Harar fruity richly winy to leave you with a taste of real mocha.

Low land coffee varieties

Coffee which grow at an elevation of 950/1000 meters above sea level.

Tepi Coffee

This coffee has hard rather ordinary less to good acid flavours. Actually smooth after taste is the attraction of this coffee.

Bebeka Coffee

A coffee bathed by spring water and nursed with care has good body, less acidity and smooth after taste is its attraction.

We supply all these types of coffee to our customers in different parts of the world.

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