Coffee Trade

We do not export good coffee. We export great coffee.

We have great coffee men and women to supply the greatest coffee in the world.

In our country the domestic coffee trade has been regulated so that all coffee is traded through the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange. As we have met the legal, financial and certification requirements for membership in Ethiopian commodity Exchange (ECX), our company has been offered one of the top membership seats to become a full fledged intermediary exchange actor. In this regard, we have a permanent and freely transferable seat through which we can trade in any commodity.

The Coffee that we export is cleaned and handpicked by state of the art technology.

We not only care for you but we equally care for your customer and end user who is tasting the coffee in cup. All actors in the value chain mean a lot to us and we are always curious to get feedback from our customers.

We believe that protecting the interests of our overseas clients is our top priority to secure long term business relations and continuous supply.

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