Washed & Unwashed Sidamo

The Ethiopian LATA washed and unwashed Sidamo comes fromthe southern regions of Ethiopia specifically from Borena, Benssa, Guji, Arroressa, Arbegona, Aleta-Wondo, Dale, Chiko, Dara, Shebedino, Wensho and Loko Abaya.

This cofffee grows along the rift valley between 1,550 and 2,200 meters. The soil is mostly fertilized with organic waste. It is also of volcanic origin, with a high nutrient holding capacity for clay minerlas.

Both washed and unwashed Sidamo varieties are produced resulting in a balanced acidity and body of good quality.

Location: located in the southern reigon of Ethiopia, Borena, Benssa, Guji, Arroressa, Arbegona, Aleta-wondo Dale, Chiko, Dara, Shebedio, Wensho and Loko Abaya.

Weather: suitable for high quality coffee production

Altitude: 1,550 meters above sea level

Proccess: both wet and sundried

Harvest: October – January (for unwashed) — February – April (for washed)

Shipment period: December – July (for washed) — March – December (for unwashed)

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